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Michael Bauroth wrote:
Hi Hakki,

I would strongly prefer LuaBind at the moment, because it seems the easiest way to write an LuaBaseClass with an abstract Bind() method, so that each C++ class only needs to implement this method with the needed binding stuff.


I didn't use LuaBind, can't comment about it.

I used SWIG (for Python) and toLua (once, for Lua 4.x?) for binding of a C++ library. Whenever a new Python version is released, someone asks for my binding for it. I re-generate binding with SWIG, compile, upload it .. (Funny thing is, I'm not using neither my binding nor target library and Python since Python-1.5. Since target library is a commercial product, I can't open source my SWIG interface '*.i' files, neither. :) )

Nowadays, I'm using Lunar or manual binding.

But, I always seperate C++ implementation with binding implementation for my code. I don't have another option for a foreign library, anyway :)


Hakki Dogusan schrieb:

Hakki Dogusan