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Bogdan Marinescu wrote:
Even if I can only squeeze 6 or 8 K out of an optimization like this
it is totally worth it for me.

Now that's exactly the kind of thinking I was expecting from an
embedded developer :) You're right, it's totally worth it.

The lack of ability to iterate over the tables is a bit problematic
so i'll have to take a close look at that.

Really? I actually completely omitted this since it was of no use to
me, I didn't even try to implement it. I'll take a look at the code
and try to understand how easy/hard would be to add this feature.

Sometimes, you want to be able to enumerate all the functions
in a table for documentation purposes - OK that's lame.

Maybe not being able to store new values is OK for these rotables, but
other than that there should be no real differerences.

What about being able to define a ro metatable for a rotable?