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There is anyways no standard for object representation for Lua. Feel free to go the way that suits you best. :)


John Dunn kirjoitti 11.11.2008 kello 19:13:

We are working on documenting using lua to script our application. Currently we don't plan on documenting lua itself - the online documentation likely do a much better job at that. We would like to include the lua short reference ( ) in our documention but would like to modify it to remove modules that we aren't including and convert it to HTML. Reading the lua license I think this is allowed - am I correct?

How important do you think it is to conform to pure 'lua-isms' in the script API? I'm currently playing some tricks to implement object 'fields' using __index and __newindex so the user can use Control.Value = 5 instead of Control:SetValue(5). I originally did this since we were coming from a C background and that syntax was more familiar but I'm wondering if having non-standard syntax is a good idea.

Finally, I was wondering if there are any examples of how people document their embedded lua environment. I know Lightroom uses lua but I'm pretty sure that's for internal use only. Are there any other applications that have publically available embedded lua environment?

John Dunn
Senior Software Engineer
Systems Development Group