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I'm pleased to announce the long overdue release of luabind 0.7.1.
This is primarily a bug fix and compatibility release, with the most
important changes being compatibility with Lua 5.1, Boost 1.36 and
GCC 4.X.

This release is available for download at:

Changes since 0.7:

Arvid Norberg (13):
  Added converter for objects of type LUA_TTHREAD to lua_State*.
  Applied patch by Evan Wies to make it work with lua 5.1
  Added luabind::nil and assignment operators to handle it
  Added missing LUABIND_API declarations
  Made error's constructor explicit
  Fixed any_converter example
  Returning a string in both cases didn't really show off the usefulness
  Fixed incorrectly qualified type
  Fixed lookup problem with get_pointer
  Fixed operator= on index_proxy to accept an index proxy of same type
  Fixed filesystem example an some example Jamfiles
  Added missing function, registry()
  Removed spurious semicolons

Daniel Wallin (24):
  Fixed #59. Wrong return value in two-argument object::operator().
  Added test for `object::operator()` of different arities.
  Fixed #47. Added dummy return.
  Rewrote test_iterator. Now verifies #54.
  Fixed #54. Rewrote `iterator_policy.hpp`.
  Fixed #57. Don't call `front()` on empty vector.
  Removed generated docs.
  Renamed Jamfile to Jamroot and removed old project-root.jam.
  Moved value_wrapper_traits<adl::call_proxy>.
  Fixed placeholder problem with GCC 4.2.3.
  Added `get_const_holder()` overload for `boost::shared_ptr`.
  Always check the stack state after each test.
  test_free_functions failed to keep the stack clean.
  Changed placeholder definitions to work on GCC3.X.
  Added missing dll-exports.
  Reimplemented build system.
  Added support for building with MSVC.
  Disabled dll-interface warning on MSVC.
  Added support for building on MacOSX.
  Added support for building on FreeBSD.
  Rewrote build instructions.
  Removed Makefiles.
  Generate docs in Jamroot.
  Fixed placeholder compatibility with Boost 1.34.

James Porter (1):
  Fix get_class_rep with abstract classes for MSVC 9.

John Zwinck (1):
  Allow passing enum types by const& as argument.

Rodolfo Lima (2):
  Added missing <cstring> include to tests.
  Fix bug when passing type with holder by value to Lua.

Daniel Wallin
BoostPro Computing