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Hi Robert!

Thanks for your offer, I would like to receive code and take a look at

Can you please post it there or email me directly to dp at ?


> I've got a wrapper around the UW IMAP c-client library. It's not
> packaged nicely, but if anyone's interested I can send you the raw
> code. The UW IMAP lib is kind of like the reference implementation of
> IMAP, but it also includes POP3, mbox, ... and can deal with TLS and
> the like. I've also started a wrapper around the SMTP bit of this lib,
> but that's not quite there yet.

> The stuff in LuaSocket is brilliant, but once you get into using
> different mail stores and TLS territory things become way more
> difficult to deal with. So this wraps things up quite nicely for
> email.

> Robby

Best regards,