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in my domain-specific language that I have developed in Lua/LPeg
I allow users to execute code (typically for the things I do not support
in my language)
using Lua's loadstring.

I would like to set up the environment such that the users cannot
'execute' something that would be able to read/write to the host's
operating system.

I am thinking that I somehow have to override all the io and print

would like to ask, if there is a standard mechanism for doing something
like that, or may be there is a way to provide a 'context' for the
such that the context can contain only Table objects that I woudl allow
users to access

I am still in early stages of this design, so I appologize in advance if
my question is too vague.

  V S P

-- - Or how I learned to stop worrying and
                          love email again