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When I first tried Lua, I used it as an embedded language to extend an app 
that I thought would be heavily customised.  After a few iterations, more and 
more of the app was written in Lua; everything that remained in C was a 
launcher and libraries to access a few services.

All my other Lua projects have been standalone Lua; when I need to access some 
external resource or library, the easiest way is to write a binding library.  
Usually, I try to make those generic enough to be usefull for other projects.  
For the first time in more than 20 years programming, I could really reuse 
code between projects, instead of copying and readapting it.  That alone has 
make me a better programmer.

The other wonderfull aspect of Lua is the language design.  It's minimalistic 
yet very complete, each aspect is well thought to make it a coherent whole 
instead of a mashup of nice-to-have features (like Python!).

I've always thought that code can be beautiful, but it was so rare to see it 
happen. With Lua I feel that it can always look good, and at the end, it 
usually does!


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