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> Mark Meijer wrote:
> > Hm, now that I mention it, I think Scite *does* allow multiple
> > instances of itself, isn't that right? If so, that should solve OP's
> > problem.
> Multiple instances of itself yes of course but _that is not the problem_
> Try this, open two instances and some app, web browser will do.
> Copy some text from the browser to scite, no problem.
> Now check what is showing in the other copy... oh dear it is underneath,
> put on top.
> Now check something on the browser which is now on top of both instances.
> It is an ergonomic problem. You need to work both copies together.
> A workaround might be possible if Windows local messaging can be used.
> If A goes on top it messages B to do the same. Would need a little more
> logic about maximise etc. but that would do,

I do not understand the problem. How is this different from having
any 3-object stack of windows?

The single most exasperating feature of Windows is that it seems to
conflate the notions 'pane has input focus' with 'pane is on top of
The two are logically, and practically, entirely different. I often
need to do something in an exposed part of a pane which is elsewhere
obscured by panes higher up the stack, and I certainly do not want
it jumping up to the top and obscuring stuff that I need to see. I
often find it useful to drag panes beneath other panes.
Can Windows not be configured so that I can continue to do things
this way?

Gavin Wraith (
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