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Gavin Wraith wrote:

> As a dedicated Lua user, and as a newcomer to Windows XP, I have been
> delighted by SciTE, especially its configurability by Lua scripts.
> But the Windows version has a fundamental drawback (I do not know
> if versions on other platforms suffer the same): you can only view
> one file at a time. I say "view", not "open". The whole purpose of a
> desktop GUI is to be able to read information from various sources
> simultaneously. I do not want to obscure the window in which I am
> writing when I am consulting information in other windows; I need
> to see all of them, at once. Lots of text-editors for Windows seem
> to deny the purpose of a desktop in this way. Why is this?

Yes this is an annoyance of scite.

Think it needs to be an MDI application.

Digging, found this, undated

"I'm fairly hostile to MDI as it will require lots of changes and more
complexity. If this is wanted then the best way would be to fork SciTE
so I don't have to worry about it. There are other Scintilla based
projects that are MDI such as Moleskine and Pythonwin."

This is apt too (web mirror of google group)

Not sure what this is
"Thats why i've made a launcher, to arrange two instances of SciTE