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Hm, now that I mention it, I think Scite *does* allow multiple
instances of itself, isn't that right? If so, that should solve OP's

2008/10/5 Mark Meijer <>:
> I never get why some apps don't allow multiple instances of
> themselves. There's good reason for some apps, but there are a lot of
> apps out there where I just don't see why not, and I guess Scite falls
> into that category. Anyone knows why?
> 2008/10/5 Tim Channon <>:
>> Gavin Wraith wrote:
>>> As a dedicated Lua user, and as a newcomer to Windows XP, I have been
>>> delighted by SciTE, especially its configurability by Lua scripts.
>>> But the Windows version has a fundamental drawback (I do not know
>>> if versions on other platforms suffer the same): you can only view
>>> one file at a time. I say "view", not "open". The whole purpose of a
>>> desktop GUI is to be able to read information from various sources
>>> simultaneously. I do not want to obscure the window in which I am
>>> writing when I am consulting information in other windows; I need
>>> to see all of them, at once. Lots of text-editors for Windows seem
>>> to deny the purpose of a desktop in this way. Why is this?
>> Yes this is an annoyance of scite.
>> Think it needs to be an MDI application.
>> Digging, found this, undated
>> "I'm fairly hostile to MDI as it will require lots of changes and more
>> complexity. If this is wanted then the best way would be to fork SciTE
>> so I don't have to worry about it. There are other Scintilla based
>> projects that are MDI such as Moleskine and Pythonwin."
>> This is apt too (web mirror of google group)
>> Not sure what this is
>> "Thats why i've made a launcher, to arrange two instances of SciTE
>> automatically."