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May be your crash is not related to lua coroutines at all. I can confirm the statement of Alex that mixing up C++ exceptions with C longjumps is very critical. If you did not change the lua defaults for Windows you end up throwing an C++ exception that is caught by Lua and resubmitted as a C longjump! Unix like OS will use _longjmp/_setjmp and will likely run without problems.

At our Enigma project (, we do not use coroutines, but do throw exceptions in the C++ engine which may pass several layers of Lua/C++ stack frames until caught. When switching the project from Lua 4.1 to Lua 5.1 we did run into sporadic crashes just on Windows. I finally solved this problem by redefinition of "LUAI_TRY" for Windows by adding to luaconf.h:

#if defined(__cplusplus) && defined(CXXLUA)
#undef LUAI_TRY
#define LUAI_TRY(L,c,a)	try { a } catch(lua_longjmp*) \
	{ if ((c)->status == 0) (c)->status = -1; }


If you like to check the related macros and changes, have look at our svn repository, revision 187. The problem had been discussed on our mailing list in June 2006 (



Bilyk, Alex wrote:
Well, this pattern ought to work as long as you don't call anything L-related in your Cleanup(). You are likely to leak memory though, but it shouldn't crash. Generally though, C++ exceptions and non-local C jumps that Lua uses for coroutine management don't play well together.

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From: [] On Behalf Of Aidin Abedi
Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2008 2:05 PM
To: Lua list
Subject: Re: I need your help! C++ exception in coroutine Crashes.

Thank you for your replies.
I have a panic handler but its not called since I only use lua_pcall.
I use exception-handling outside and it seems like coroutine.resume disables it.
The code at its grittiest:


int main() {
        try {
                lua_pcall(L, ...);

        } catch (...) {

        return 0;

int ThrowCppException(lua_State *L) {
        throw "I'm a exception";
        return 0;


print "main"
ThrowCppException() -- app catches exception and exits gracefully

function foo()
        print "coroutine"
        ThrowCppException() -- app crashes without catching exception

co = coroutine.create(foo)

On Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 9:57 PM, Bilyk, Alex <> wrote:
Do you handle the exception in the same function or someplace outside?

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From: [] On Behalf Of Patrick Donnelly
Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2008 11:49 AM
To: Lua list
Subject: Re: I need your help! C++ exception in coroutine Crashes.

On Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 6:37 AM, Aidin Abedi <> wrote:

I've embedded lua and when I call a c++ function (that throws a c++
exception) inside a coroutine my app crashes badly. Windows just says:

"Runtime Error!
This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for more information."

I do have a c++ exception-catch outside the pcall. There is no crash
if I call the same function (that throws a exception) from inside
lua's main-thread.

This issue must have been detected before. Please help me!
I appreciate any ideas. I thank you for your time.

It sounds to me like you did a generic lua_call in the main thread
(instead of lua_resume). When Lua catches the error, and no error
handler was set for that thread, it will exit the main application.
You should implement a panic handler to check if this is the case.


-Patrick Donnelly

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