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> Based on some quick testing yesterday the progressbar-like gauge control
> doesn't seem to use my colors, either. Any chance of having native
> bars, sliders etc? Dials are a custom control, too, so how is there focus
> handling and keyboard interface determined as an example? 

  In IUP 3, there is already an IupProgressBar that can replace the old
IupGauge, although IupGauge still exists for backward compatibility. IupVal
now uses native controls. IupDial does not have a native control equivalent
so it is still a custom control, but with a few more enhancements.
> Finally, I wonder what's the point about the Windows-only IupSpeech?

  It is there much as a curiosity, it could indeed be converted to an
external library since It is not a GUI tool. This is something that we could
consider for 3.0.