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Antonio Scuri wrote:
  IupTree is a custom control because of historical reasons and IUP 2.x
limitations. We are working on IUP 3.0 where IupTree will use the native
controls. We expect the first BETA for the end of this month.
Hey, good to hear that. In the mean time I should mention that most other controls appear to work all right and trees are a fairly complex control which GUis did a long time without. Howabout the rest of the more custom controls. I seem to have trouble with other complex, less usual controls, oh well. Lemme elaborate:

Based on some quick testing yesterday the progressbar-like gauge control doesn't seem to use my colors, either. Any chance of having native progress bars, sliders etc? Dials are a custom control, too, so how is there focus handling and keyboard interface determined as an example? Personally, I think based on Swing, Gnome and WIn32 that or knob and slider like controls, which are conceptually navigation and single selection in a very large orddered numeric list no matter how they look, should have as a bare minimum: left/down decrease (regardless of orientation), up/right increase (line up), page up/down large increase/decreace (jump lines), home maximum value (first page), end minimum value (last page). Interestingly this is almost directly analogous to keyboard navigating a list box for a screen reader user.

Back to GUI programming,my experience with most custom GUis is that while doing a good keyboard interface isn't rocket science, many people either partially or completely ignore keyboard focus in custom controls still, because it means extra work with no direct benefit to absolutely everybody.

Finally, I wonder what's the point about the Windows-only IupSpeech? That isn't portable, it is not a GUI control and at least in Perl using SAPI from COM asynchronously is pretty trivial so LuaCom should be able to do that. I dunno about speech recognition, though, having never used it.

With kind regards Veli-Pekka Tätilä
Accessibility, Apps and Coding plus Synths and Music: