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The responses so far have been interesting. The question that came to my mind when I saw Roberto's answer to the "future of Lua" question in Computerworld is this: If I'm designing a new application, should I write the application core in C and then use Lua for scripting on top of that, or should I write the application in Lua, using C extension modules only where needed? Roberto's answer on the future of Lua, as well as his answer to the question about sysadmin tools, seemed to indicate that the former is correct. But if that's so, where do I draw the line between C and Lua? Coming from Python, I'm quite used to developing primarily in a dynamic language. This approach is dominant in the Python community; for example, see the rant "Extending Vs. Embedding" by a well-known Python programmer:

So I naturally bring this approach with me to Lua. Roberto's statements in Computerworld made me think it was wrong to use Lua like this, but now I understand that he was only saying that the most natural and popular use of Lua is for embedded scripting.