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> Though Roberto's answer made me think for a moment that  
> my use of Lua is somehow wrong, My experience has been that given enough  
> libraries, Lua is quite good as a primary implementation language.  
> Perhaps Roberto is saying that Perl, Python, and the like are better in  
> that role, so the best use of Lua is for scripting, the purpose for  
> which Lua was originally developed.  However, Lua's minimal core and  
> relatively painless C API set Lua apart in my mind. [...]

I agree with you, but I think it is difficult to sell this idea of
"small is beautiful" to a larger audience. So, you may qualify that
answer as "For mainstream relevance, the future of Lua is scripting."

(BTW, your own emphasis on a "painless C API" also seems to point to a
"scripting" approach, does it not? ;)

-- Roberto