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Frank Meier-Dörnberg schrieb:
Antonio Scuri schrieb:
So, let me ask:
Where is "gl" defined?



  If it is the expected luagl module.


Thank you, Scuri
This may be the hint i have needed.

After your terse words, i have searched for "luagl.lua" (not luagl.wlua).
and (oh my goodness!) found it in "...\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Lua\5.1\examples\iup\ctrl\iupglcanvas\". By circumstances, I'm unable to understand right now, this seems to be part of a Lua for Windows Version - Alpha 5 installation. Looking at the my error message now again, I recognize that there is mentioned "luagl.lua" and not "luagl.wlua".

I will spend some time now to clean up my understanding of what had happened, of my computer or probably both.

Thanks, Frank

further hints are welcome, directly to me please, if too off topic for the lua list.

In some way, I want back the days, where I was able remember 90% of my files easily. :-)

Ok, I did (if necessary or not)

1. switch to my admin account
2. de-installed Lua for Windows
3. kicked all the "\VirtualStore\Program Files\Lua\" garbage into the trash.
4. switch to my normal user account
5. re-installed Lua for Windows (I have to start the setup "as admin" to success, by the way)

Finally everything is working as expected now.

Many thanks and sorry for the noise.