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2008/9/4 RJP Computing <>:
> Have you looked at Lua for Windows ( It
> has a lot of modules ready to be used.

I certainly have, I've been using it for a while already and I'm a fan
(thanks!). You're right, it does belong in that list of options, and
I'll likely stick to it for many things.

I was checking out LuaRocks, because I was looking to be able to use
some other modules that don't readily compile on Microsoft (or for
which I simply haven't taken the time yet to try), and also because
I'd like some of my stuff to be able to run on Linux as well. I wrote
the list of options with that in mind, and actually the rest of my
posts on this thread as well. It's mainly about Windows because that's
where the problems tend to rise :-P (although I haven't used LuaRocks
on Linux yet, I'm not anticipating a lot of problems there). LuaRocks
seems like it has the potential to eliminate some headaches in this
regard. It's not terribly important though, it's mostly hobby stuff
for myself. But that's just me.

I tend to have a critical view of things, and I may be pointing out
what I see as a potential problem, even though it may not be that big
of a problem for me personally. Hope nobody takes offense.