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Sometime on AM 9/3/2008, "Mark Meijer" <> wrote:
>Thanks both for the info. But does this mean I'll need to link 
>with MSVCR80.DLL at all, when using MinGW? The Microsoft runtime
>is one of those things I was hoping to leave behind.

Only if you need binary compatibility with DLLs and/or hosting 
applications that were linked with that MS C runtime. Mixing 
runtimes in a single process is a recipe for very hard to diagnose 

If you are distributing an application where you are compiling all
components yourself, and do not expect end-users to load arbitrary
DLLs that they build themselves (or locate prebuilt at LuaForge or 
perhaps with something like LuaRocks) then you get to decide what
CRT and other implicit dependencies are required.

Unfortunately, once you get into an open system where it is expected
that other components just plug in, then everything that loads within
a single process must comply with the same standards.

Ross Berteig                     
Cheshire Engineering Corp.