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From: Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo
Date: 8/27/2008 5:10 AM
4. How can I avoid to rename the "LoadString" function?
Use a compiler that does not polutte the global namespace :-)
LoadString has a #define in the Windows headers.  It is very sad that Microsoft redefines common words behind your back.  You could either #undef it or use #pragma push_macro("LoadString") then a #undef LoadString and then a #pragma pop_macro("LoadString").
5. Overall, did I do things the right way? or am I missing other obvious ways of doing this?
You missed etc/all.c... Note that it uses the Lua sources unmodified.
No need to remove the "#include" from them
Why does the etc/all.c amalgamation #include "lua.c"?