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> 1. Is it after all a good idea to do this amalgamation for Lua?

Yes. And we distribute one in etc/all.c.

> 2. Is it a problem to turn on the 2 flags LUA_CORE and luaall_c?

No, but I think you only need to turn on luaall_c, like etc/all.c does.

> 3. Can I safely ignore the 2 warnings I get about macro redefinition?

I don't get any compilation warnings with etc/all.c with gcc in Linux.

> 4. How can I avoid to rename the "LoadString" function?

Use a compiler that does not polutte the global namespace :-)

> 5. Overall, did I do things the right way? or am I missing other obvious ways of doing this?

You missed etc/all.c... Note that it uses the Lua sources unmodified.
No need to remove the "#include" from them.

> 7. If this amalgamation is after all a good idea, is there a chance that it gets supported as a standard way of building Lua in the future?