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For my part, I very much enjoy watching those video's, and in this way
I hope to see as much as I can of the Lua Workshops, past present and
future. Thanks to all involved for this great effort!

2008/8/22 kino <>:
> Hi Lua-ists!
> I was able to finish up the video luaWOW and also edit the luaRocks
> videos. Enjoy!
> luaWOW -
> luaRocks -
> Please let me know what you think! I won't be able to edit anymore
> videos until I get the slides for the remaining presentations I was
> able to videotape. They are:
> wxLua Internals
> John Labenski
> Eliminating Cycles in Weak Tables
> Alexandra Barros (PUC-Rio)
> External Strings
> Chip Salzenberg (Cloudmark)
> Intelligent Programmable LCD Modules/Lua Integration
> Michal Sieluzycki (Earth Computer Technology)
> Lua at Sim Ops Studios
> Aaron Tarnow (Sim Ops Studios)
> If anyone can get in contact with these presenters and get their
> slides, that would be great!
> Cheers,
> Jeremy