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Thanks for the reply.

On Sunday 03 August 2008 20:25:01 A.S. Bradbury wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 1:14 PM, Graeme <> wrote:
> > I have a few newbie questions.
> >
> > Should I be using lua-sqlite3 or lsqlite3 which appears to have been
> > updated more recently? I had problems with lsqlite (compliled with
> > warnings and an error on require).
> I've looked at the various options before and didn't really come to a
> conclusion. Currently I use my own minimal binding.
Probably the best approach, but minimal will not work for me.

> I will note 
> there's also the sqlite3 driver for luasql to consider 
I thought that uses the lua-sqlite backend? It also provides a restricted 
feature set, whereas I want a fairly complete one.

> - perhaps it's 
> worth also trying the luasql-sqlite3 CVS rockspec.
> > Can either be configured to allow the dynamic loading of sqlite
> > extensions, or can either be easilly compliled against sqlite with the
> > extensions I want (FTS and ICU)?
> I think the easiest way to compile against sqlite configured as you
> want is to download the [amalgamation][1] and compile against that,
> changing the Makefile for your lua binding to compile and link against
> the local sqlite3.c.

I have been asking some questions on the sqlite mailing list, and it turns out 
that some of the features I want (like ICU collation) require compiling from 
the CVS snapshot - partly  because there is a bug in the Tcl script that 
generates the amalgamation and that needs to be worked around.

Not too bad, but only because the sqlite mailing list has some very helpful 
people on it!

> > Alternatively, are there any other lightweight databases (i.e. fast,
> > small and zero admin) with lua  bindings that I should consider? Metakit,
> > perhaps but neither it nor lua do non-ascii sorting AFAIK.
> There's nothing I'm aware of unless you're content with a simple
> key-value store, in which case there are a variety options including
> [lgdbm][2] and my own [lua-tinycdb][3] for read-only use. I'll also
Not really. It would mean a lot more work for me. BDB might just have been 
sufficient, but the only lua binding I could find also does not appear to be 
being maintained.

> point to [LuaVlerq][3] which is from the author of Metakit and looks
> interesting, but as the website states "this code is not yet usable,
> it is intended to establish a baseline for the new design and to give
> an idea of what Vlerq is about." I don't imagine it would be suitable
> for your uses.
I have already looked at it. It is intersting, but, not likely to be useable 
for a while.

Graeme Pietersz