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On Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 1:14 PM, Graeme <> wrote:
> I have a few newbie questions.
> Should I be using lua-sqlite3 or lsqlite3 which appears to have been updated
> more recently? I had problems with lsqlite (compliled with warnings and an
> error on require).

I've looked at the various options before and didn't really come to a
conclusion. Currently I use my own minimal binding. I will note
there's also the sqlite3 driver for luasql to consider - perhaps it's
worth also trying the luasql-sqlite3 CVS rockspec.

> Can either be configured to allow the dynamic loading of sqlite extensions, or
> can either be easilly compliled against sqlite with the extensions I want
> (FTS and ICU)?

I think the easiest way to compile against sqlite configured as you
want is to download the [amalgamation][1] and compile against that,
changing the Makefile for your lua binding to compile and link against
the local sqlite3.c.

> Alternatively, are there any other lightweight databases (i.e. fast, small and
> zero admin) with lua  bindings that I should consider? Metakit, perhaps but
> neither it nor lua do non-ascii sorting AFAIK.

There's nothing I'm aware of unless you're content with a simple
key-value store, in which case there are a variety options including
[lgdbm][2] and my own [lua-tinycdb][3] for read-only use. I'll also
point to [LuaVlerq][3] which is from the author of Metakit and looks
interesting, but as the website states "this code is not yet usable,
it is intended to establish a baseline for the new design and to give
an idea of what Vlerq is about." I don't imagine it would be suitable
for your uses.