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On 8/6/08, Jeff Pohlmeyer <> wrote:
> Leo Razoumov wrote:
>  > Naturally, I expected that new versions of LuaRocks will be packaged
>  > as rocks so that one can bootstrap newer versions using older version
>  > as a package manager.
> This was discussed before:
>   - Jeff

I am aware of this thread and even contributed to it, but,
unfortunately, that discussion did not resolve anything.
A proper module manager should be able to manage itself. Ruby Gems can
update itself and this feature is very handy. They even distribute
rubygem-update.gem files alongside their tarballs on the same webpage  Passing the ball to Linux
distributors does not hold water either. Lua is multi platform and
even in case of Linux LuaRocks is being developed too fast to tie into
a Linux distribution release circle.

Is their any specific design/implementation reason that makes LuaRocks
self-update difficult or impossible??