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Asko Kauppi wrote:
> Lua Lanes is a portable, message passing multithreading library
> providing the possibility to run multiple Lua states in parallel.
> The 2008 version is a complete rewrite, basing all inter-thread
> communications on the Linda concept.

`make test` halts, segfaults, and/or throws errors at various points of
the execution and in different tests.  Sometimes the first few tests
will succeed and yet subsequent tests segfault, throw Lua stack errors, etc.

Test system:
Linux 2.6.25-gentoo-r6  x86_64
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9450 @ 2.66GHz   GNU/Linux

I ran gdb with keeper.lua to catch one of these failures, the output
appears to be pretty useless as few/no debugging symbols show up but
I've posted it here anyway:

I'm certainly more than willing to test any ideas you might have.  I'm
working on getting a Windows 32-bit and Linux 32-bit set up to test it
in these platforms as well.

Off-topic, but is it possible to create sublanes?  I tried without
success to do this in the prerelease, but lots of things have changed.