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Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2008 2:04 PM
To: Lua list
Subject: Re: LuaJIT: maturity

2008/7/23 Manish Jain <>:
> What is the current (1.1.4) maturity level of LuaJIT. Is it
> alpha/beta/production quality?
> We are planning to use it in telecom (VoIP) switch.
> We have multithreading environment on multiprocessor platform. So, we
> be able to
> call same lua function from multiple threads in parallel. I mentioned
> concern because of
> thread -

>> Hey, that's one of my very first posts on the Lua list :-)

>> The short answer is you can't get LuaThread and LuaJIT work together
>> without some work, because both modify the Lua sources and they are
>> not using a common framework to do so.

>> But do you really need LuaThread ? Keep in mind that with LuaThread,
>> only a single os thread will be executing Lua code at any given time.
>> It's main purpose (I think) is to run semi-autonomous (ie. not
>> accessing the Lua state too often) worker threads written in C.

>> Without LuaThread you can have several independent Lua states, even
>> many of them, and in that case LuaJIT will work just as expected. You
>> will have to use special mechanisms to share data between the Lua
>> states, and there are many libs around there doing that, the authors
>> of the active ones will probably answer this topic soon.

We are not using LuaThread. We are calling Lua functions from C code.
And there will be multiple threads in C code those will be calling same
lua function in parallel.