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Hi guys,

People working with Windows are aware that the usual command-prompt is
a less than friendly environment. Also, the usual Lua command prompt
is not GUI-friendly, because it blocks in a read loop.

lconsole is a GUI prompt based on ilua
( so expressions can be
evaluated without a '=', and tables are pretty-printed by default. It
works of course with any Windows Forms code, but I've also tested it
with IUP, and it should work with any GUI toolkit.  It has a nice
little code pane where you can quickly define functions and have them
automatically saved.

lconsole is also a demo of some useful utilities that make working
with LuaInterface easier, such as import(), which works rather like
C#'s using statement.

I've also got a version of LuaInterface that works against
LuaBinaries, backported to NET 1.1 (!) so that it has a reasonable
chance of working on any modern Windows machine. It uses the Lua for
Windows directory structure, so the dlls go into clibs, lua into
lualibs, etc, if you unzip into the base directory (5.1) of a LfW

steve d.