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On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 5:05 PM, Marinho Brandao <> wrote:

> very interesting... this is new (to me) a paradigm very different than
> others I know (procedural, events and OO oriented)

Lua is mostly procedural, with some features that used to be
associated with functional-languages, like first-class functions,
anonymous functions, proper lexical scope, closures, tail-recursion
safe, and coroutines (one-shot continuations)

IMNSHO, OO is a style, not a language feature.  In Lua it's very easy
to 'roll your own' objects, but it's easier to use a 'prototype based'
approach (like JavaScript, but cleaner), than a 'class based' style.

> today is my first day on the languagen, this is why I'm so-so
> confused, but I'm liking this paradigm :) and all seems to be very
> fast.

you should really read the Lua docs.  several times.  after all,
they're much shorter than most languages docs! :-)

> PS: your name seems to be portuguese, this is why I asked :)

it's spanish. i'm peruvian