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Hi all,

ok, previous problem solved, now going to the next :)

I installed luarocks and when I try install a package, it shows the
following message:

$ luarocks install md5
/usr/bin/lua: /usr/share/lua/50/compat-5.1.lua:200: attempt to call
local 'init' (a string value)
stack traceback:
	/usr/share/lua/50/compat-5.1.lua:200: in function 'require'
	/usr/local/bin/luarocks:4: in main chunk
	[C]: ?

yes, I'm using Lua 5.0, with compat library to Lua 5.1 (I have both
installed in my machin and a symlink pointing the 5.1 library as 5.0)

about the 'init' part of error, I have my LUA_INIT defined, as:


something I did wrong?

thanks :)

Marinho Brandão (José Mário)