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> changing install script from original to this from didn't help
> but removing -p did !

Sorry about that. I did not notice that the install script from
does not support -p. Does anyone know of a simple install implementation as
a shell script that supports -p?

In Lua 5.1.2 we used cp but not all cp supported -p (preserve dates and
flags). So we switched to install in Lua 5.1.3. Mac OS X needs "install -p";
otherwise you have to run ranlib in the installed liblua.a. Linux and Sun OS
don't seem to need "-p" in install. I don't know about other Unix systems.

Can anyone (Mike Pall?) suggest a simple solution to this problem: install
Lua binaries, library, and headers, all with the correct permissions and
flags and without having to force a (mostly useless) ranlib on liblua.a.

Or could we just leave it as is :-) and perhaps add a comment in the Makefile
saying that if your install does not support -p, just remove this flag and
possibly run ranlib on liblua.a if needed.