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On 09/07/2008, Jerome Vuarand <> wrote:
> I think you're doing something non-trivial in your my_execute_chunk
> because what you're trying to do should work as is. Just to be sure,
> when you say that it doesn't print "Hello World", you mean that you
> get an error saying that you tried to call a nil value, right ? Anyway
> whether you get an error or just no output, the problem is probably in
> the code you didn't give us.

Yes, the error is not being able to call a nil value.

I can't see anything non-trivial in my code, but I'll look again.
Thanks for confirmation that it is the code, and not my expectations,
that is wrong :-)

I'll report back on what I find, and if I get really stuck, I'll post
the full code.