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On Wed, Jul 9, 2008 at 6:14 PM, Sebastien Loisel <> wrote:
> When I used to work at SGI, when the new kernel was stable enough for
> general use, we would make a "dogfood" release. Such a release was then
> deployed to all employees and we had to use it, to encourage fixing the
> bugs. I think maybe you need to eat your own SciTE dogfood. :-)

Absolutely true! But the trouble here is that it's eating the dogfood
fine here, except for one crucial point...

I tried quickluatour.lua using 'Run Program' (F5), cool. Using the
debugger (Alt+R), also cool. Except for the gui example, which appears
to hang. The trouble is that the GUI window is invisible, and the
solution is that GUI apps _have_ to run as .wlua scripts.  This is a
limitation of the default SciTE program mode, which is designed for
console applications.  I'll have a look to see if this behaviour can
be modified. Generally you want to hide the console, but not the
window ;)

But I'm not seeing any weird character stuff in the output pane, that
is puzzling...

Quickluatour.lua etc works fine if you double-click on the icon.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback. Only way things improve!

steve d.