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On 01/07/2008 12:59, David Jones wrote:
That's not an advantage, SVG also works out of the box on Opera and Safari.

OK, I am happy to be corrected here! ;)

Canvas _does_ have the advantage of working on the iPod (whereas SVG does not, despite being Safari).

Perhaps, at least in FF, it had an historical advantage of being feature full before SVG support? Just trying to guess why Canvas has such success.
I know Canvas comes out of Safari (IIRC) and was there before SVG.

Side note: I just tried some of my old SVG files in FF3 (they were more or less broken in FF2) and I was pleased to see the progresses in this field. Looks like there is still no declarative animation support (my clock, variant for Adobe's one) and text on path is a bit strange (goes by rotation of text segments in my Lua logo instead of rotating each letter) but it is much better than before.

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