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On 30/06/2008 23:37, Michal Kolodziejczyk wrote:
If your users can be "forced" to use a browser with svg support (firefox is OK), I would suggest JavaScript+SVG for browser side

Although I love SVG, the current trend seems to be the use of the Canvas API, which has the advantage of being available out of the box in Opera and latest Safari as well. And JS framework Dojo even allows to use an unified API on Internet Explorer as well (using the old VML there).

For the browser side you could also consider flash (actionscript is similar to JS, but the code runs faster, especially if you have realplayer 10).

Do you mean that RealPlayer made its own Flash player, faster than Adobe one?

If you want graphical GUI in your browser, there is no better/easier way than svg+JS or flash.

Well, Canvas too, to be complete (just another solution I throw in).
And to be even more complete, we cannot dismiss Java. Hey, something like Processing makes graphics in applets dead easy.

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