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the difference is (in javascript):
try {
   // try something strange which usually works
} catch (e) {
   // on exception

there it actually does not matter where the exception is thrown, you just need to find a place where the try+catch handles it. So its' pretty much, like php5/c#/java/delphi manages exceptions and gives you quite simple possibility to handle the exceptions when it occurs and where you want to handle it - with the opportunity to continue the script after the exception is handled. I wasn't able to create a quite similar and simple approach in lua, yet. It would be cool, if that would be possible with error+pcall somehow!

Except that - which is actually just quite important for widely splitted and modularized software - I see the possibilities of lua (considering speed which is/was way better then current javascript implementations) are really worth to check and evaluate it as opportunity.


Alex Sandro Queiroz e Silva wrote:
What's the big difference between JS system and error/pcall/xpcall?