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Not trying to start any kind of fire fight AT ALL. Just wanting to compare technologies. One I'm familiar with, the other completely new to.

I'm in the process of assessing various technologies for use on an embedded platform intended to operate as a control interface to something else (doesn't matter what here). We've got a local GUI on 1/4 VGA display that we want to duplicate (though improve the look of) as a web based GUI. My first thought was HTML with Javascript (Our boa web server doesn't seem to do much else). A developer suggested Lua as an alternative. I've looked through some of the documentation and played with it a little and it looks like a great little language. However I'm not really seeing any advantage to what I was planning to do with Javascript (Graphics and things that are more difficult with HTML).

Can someone experienced with Lua please comment. I don't want to discourage a good new technology from entering into use in our device. I would welcome that if it makes sense. What I'm not sure of is, does it make sense?