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I think the main issue here is that Lua has no standard GUI system.
HTML + Javascript + browser gives you that.

As a programming languages Lua and Javascript are very similar in
concept but I think Lua is a whole lot cleaner and would make a better
Javascript than Javascript.


On Fri, Jun 27, 2008 at 3:33 PM, James Kimble <> wrote:
> Not trying to start any kind of fire fight AT ALL. Just wanting to compare
> technologies. One I'm familiar with, the other completely new to.
> I'm in the process of assessing  various technologies for use on an embedded
> platform intended to operate as a control interface to something else
> (doesn't matter what here). We've got a local GUI on 1/4 VGA display that we
> want to duplicate (though improve the look of) as a web based GUI. My first
> thought was HTML with Javascript (Our boa web server doesn't seem to do much
> else). A developer suggested Lua as an alternative. I've looked through some
> of the documentation and played with it a little and it looks like a great
> little language. However I'm not really seeing any advantage to what I was
> planning to do with Javascript (Graphics and things that are more difficult
> with HTML).
> Can someone experienced with Lua please comment. I don't want to discourage
> a good new technology from entering into use in our device. I would welcome
> that if it makes sense. What I'm not sure of is, does it make sense?