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Hi, Ignacio,

Where is your xavante.exe? Put it in the same place as lua5.1.exe
(probably c:\LuaRocks\0.5.2) and it should work. I am trying to
convince Hisham to make the LuaRocks binaries' dir and "scripts" dir
the same, so other executables can work without setting LUA_PATH too.
I'll also put better OS detection on the next setup-kepler, thanks.

Oh, the scripts_dir == lr dir thing is documented in the installation
instructions for Windows

Fabio Mascarenhas

On Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 4:58 PM, Ignacio Burgueño
<> wrote:
> Andre Carregal wrote:
>> Feedback on Kepler, LuaRocks and any of its modules is always welcome,
> Hi Andre. I'm having some issues with Kepler. First of all, I had a previous
> installation of LuaRocks 0.5.2, using my Lua 5.1.3 installation (compiled
> with MSVC6)
> 1) After a flawless installation, 'setup_kepler' gives a lot of
> "The syntax of the command is incorrect." due to the way the OS is detected.
> Since the installer is using LuaRocks, could io.popen("uname") be used
> instead? Or luarocks.cfg.platforms.
> I mean, the setup works, but those errors are a but distracting.
> 2) After installing and configuring, I started Xavante from the tray:
> xavante
> Double-clicking the icon gave me this error dialog:
> ---------------------------
> Lua Error
> ---------------------------
> [string "..."]:15: module 'kepler_init' not found:
>        no field package.preload['kepler_init']
>        no file '.\kepler_init.lua'
>        no file 'C:\LuaRocks\bin\lua\kepler_init.lua'
>        no file 'C:\LuaRocks\bin\lua\kepler_init\init.lua'
>        no file 'C:\LuaRocks\bin\kepler_init.lua'
>        no file 'C:\LuaRocks\bin\kepler_init\init.lua'
>        no file '.\kepler_init.dll'
>        no file 'C:\LuaRocks\bin\kepler_init.dll'
>        no file 'C:\LuaRocks\bin\loadall.dll'
> ---------------------------
> OK
> ---------------------------
> Then I tried with xavante_start and it crashed. Since the C runtime is the
> usual suspect, I replaced my Lua setup with the one that comes with LuaRocks
> (linked against MSVCRT8) and it worked fine.
> Launching from the tray still does not work.
> However, from a Lua console, doing:
>  require"luarocks.require"
>  require"kepler_init"
> does work.
> Regards,
> Ignacio Burgueño