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On Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 11:23 AM, Matt Campbell <> wrote:
According to Daniel Silverstone, who has tried to set up a Bazaar repository for Lua, the Lua core team uses RCS.

I believe Mercurial is like git with regard to the way it handles rename/move/modify relations.  I mention this not to start another argument over distributed version control systems, but because Mercurial, like Bazaar, seems to be more Windows-friendly than git, and I thought that might be an important factor.


David Kastrup wrote:
AFAIK, Lua is more or less maintained as tarballs/directory snapshots of
the developers.  So it would be smart to use a version control system
like git that only actually records snapshots, and derives
rename/move/modify relations on the fly.

Thanks for the feedback so far. I will be using tags for all the Lua releases, so I think this will cover the versioning topic. I need to use svn. I am open if there is a free, public and tested hosting service for other version control systems, that is capable of connecting to with an svn client.
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