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Fabio Mascarenhas wrote:

The problem right now is that LuaRocks 0.4.3 includes a Lua 5.1.2 that
uses the VC98 CRT, and this causes problems with LuaFileSystem
compiled with the VC2005 CRT. LuaRocks 0.5 should be released shortly,
and it's updated to include Lua 5.1.3 with the VC2005 CRT, so
LuaFileSystem should build just fine (apart from the bogus security
warnings, of course).

OK. But I'm using the result I got and it "appears" to work fine :-)

So is the right place to fix the problem with build options etc
in the luafilesystem makefile, or in the luarocks.bat file?

And there's still the problem of where the lua5.1.dll should be
sourced from in a build.

I think that the overall Rocks system is a really good step in the
deployment of Lua and Lua apps. With a bit of platform specific
tweaking in the build procedure, (maybe a spec is needed here)
we'll be able to get all the add-ons built to be compatible on
a particular target platform.

Now that I've got a clean build machine (actually a VMWare machine)
running, I'll be happy to help test Windows builds and building of
Rocks 5.0

Cheers, Ralph