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Stefan Sandberg <> wrote:

> I mean, is the parrot vm significantly faster or easier to deploy than 
> luas, or is it supposed to be a bridge between languages or some such?
>  From what I can tell, lua will run wherever parrot does, so if it's not 
> a major performance increase etc, etc, what's the upside?

Well, you answered the above question yourself a few weeks ago, during a
very tedious discussion of make systems. May I cite from your post:

> On Feb 9, 2008 12:06 AM, Stefan Sandberg <> wrote:
> I couldn't care less about what people trade currency for in their day
> to day job, what impresses the shit out of me is all the stuff people
> come up with for no apparent reason other than their own personal
> gratification, or simply for the art in it.

And though I haven't the faintest idea why François does Lua on Parrot
it's a truism that people often do things "just for fun".

cheers  thomasl