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>>>>> "a" == askok  <> writes:

 a> Will fix for next release; this will not stop you from using it,
 a> though (and giving performance results).

thanx, all's OK IMHO, but I must to test far deeply

 a> To run performance tests, simply:
 a>     make perftest-plain
 a>     make perftest-double
 a>     make perftest-float
 a>     (make perftest-complex)

 a>     make tlife-plain
 a>     make tlife-double
 a>     make tlife-float
 a>     (make tlife-complex)

 a> Remember to include the machine & OS type (see perftest.txt for
 a> samples).

sure! I'll try to remember tomorrow. 

Yours sincerely, Eugeny.
Doctor Web, Ltd.