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>>>>> "AK" == Asko Kauppi <> writes:

 AK> There is a line in Lua sources, which gives warning with gcc '-
 AK> pedantic' compiler option.

 AK> Has anyone found a suitable solution to this?

 AK>   lua_CFunction f = (lua_CFunction)dlsym(lib, sym);

 >> loadlib.c: In function ‘ll_sym’:
 >> loadlib.c:77: warning: ISO C forbids conversion of object pointer to 
 AK> function pointer type

 AK> Did some googling, and:


 AK> Which does not really show a clear solution, does it?

C++ example is following, I guess it's not easy for plain C

template<class To, class From> inline To depun_ptr( From f ) {
#if defined( _MSC_VER )
  return (To)f;
  union { From f; To t; } u;
  u.f = f;
  return u.t;

  // get rid of idiotic g++ warning
  template<class T> T symbol( const char *symbol_name ) const {
    return depun_ptr<T>( get_symbol( symbol_name ) );

get_symbol is some wrapper for dlsym():

void *dynamic_library_t::get_symbol( const char *symbol_name ) const {
#if defined( _WIN32 )
  return (void*) GetProcAddress( lib_handle, symbol_name );
#elif defined( __hpux )
  void* symb;

  if( shl_findsym( (shl_t *)(&lib_handle),
		   &symb ) != 0 )
    return 0;
  return symb;
  return dlsym( lib_handle, symbol_name );

I hope the idea is clean

Yours sincerely, Eugeny.
Doctor Web, Ltd.