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steve donovan wrote:
Well, I only know VS 6.0 - never felt the need to upgrade. That didn't
have too many toolbars and options. scite-debug has no toolbars,

I'm developing on VS6 right now (well, as of a few hours ago) --- not my choice. I'm not sure which is worse; the compiler that's so old that it doesn't understand 'long long', or the debugger which doesn't have horizontal scrollbars in the variable view window, which means you can only read the first few words of any string...

Ooh, wait! No. The thing I dislike most is the 64MB debug info limit per executable, which means that if you've got a really big project, you have to start stripping some of your object files to make it link.

I normally develop on Eclipse. But I don't use it as an IDE, I use it as a super editor and SVN client. Right now I bring it up concurrently with Visual Studio so I can use it for all the things VS is dire at, like file management.

Give me a Unix any day...

David Given