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b) Suppose the modules are not in the filesystem. Maybe
embedded as resources, in the host itself, into some
library or somewhere else. In that case,
package.searchpath would be of no use. So, what about a
'searchers' table, that allows to add custom searchers

Is Lua 5.2 the right time to change the names of these
functions, if it ever happens? See the discussion:

I think the current "loaders" table should be renamed
"searchers" (or even "finders"). The library entrypoints
themselves should be called "loaders". Right now we have
"searchers" in a "loaders" table, which is somewhat
confusing. If 5.2 changes the table name, within a few years
nobody will be confused about this anymore.

Now we have a suggestion for a third concept. Let's find a
good name for it regardless of whether it makes it to the
release. :)