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Wesley Smith writes:

> I'm trying to run Lua in cygwin but am
> getting some odd behavior.  I've tried a few things:
> 1) make mingw

This is unrelated, but "make mingw" doesn't actually compile with MinGW under
Cygwin.  That is, it doesn't pass the -mno-cygwin switch to GCC, so it won't
link to the native CRT.  You can do this if you want that: "make CC='gcc
-mno-cygwin' mingw"

However, if you want to build Lua as a regular Cygwin application, I recommend
using "make linux" (if you have the readline package installed) of "make posix"
(if you don't have readline).  This generates a liblua.a (instead of lua51.dll),
which you can copy into /usr/local/lib.

> 2) install dll in /usr/local/lib and lua.exe in /usr/local/bin
> When I run lua, nothing happens (no errors or anything)

lua51.dll would belong in /usr/local/bin.  liblua.a would belong in
/usr/local/lib.  The former is a Windows-ism and the latter is a Unix-ism. 
Windows searches for DLLs using the Windows search mechanism ( ), such as the
PATH environment variable.  Unix searches for libraries using, for example,
LD_LIBRARY_PATH and /etc/, which typically includes /usr/local/lib.

> Anyway, it seems to run scripts ok, but nothing gets printed to the
> console.

Check your CYGWIN environment variable: "echo $CYGWIN".  If you have "tty" in
there ( ), you probably
want to remove that, particularly if you want to run Lua as a native Windows
app.  Otherwise, compile Lua as a Cygwin application.