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Hi List,
More windows woes here.  I'm trying to run Lua in cygwin but am
getting some odd behavior.  I've tried a few things:

1) make mingw
2) install dll in /usr/local/lib and lua.exe in /usr/local/bin

When I run lua, nothing happens (no errors or anything)

Next, I build lua51.dll and lua.exe in VS2003.  I then installed the
dll in /usr/local/lib and the exe in /usr/local/bin.  When I run lua,
it never goes int interactive mode.  Did this disappear in Lua5.1.3?
Anyway, it seems to run scripts ok, but nothing gets printed to the
console.  For instance print("hi") doesn't appear in the cygwin
console when I run it through lua.exe?  Anyone have an idea why?  It's
baffling me.  I'm not overly familiar with how cygwin and "normal"
windows interact, so perhaps there's something wrong with building
with visual studio and running in cygwin?  This stuff really annoys
me.  Anyway, thanks in advance for any response.