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Brandon Van Every wrote:
On Feb 1, 2008 6:36 PM, Alexander Gladysh <> wrote:
All I can say is that in *our* specific case, CMake language was the
showstopper. No matter if it was bad decision or right, or was it well
thought rejection, or mere dislike of lot of all-caps in code.

BTW the new style convention is lowercase for CMake commands.  All
caps is still used for keywords and CMake defined variables.  I agree
that it's more readable to have fewer things shouting at you.  Both
caps and lowercase work for commands though.  I think that has been
true for quite awhile, and it may have always been true, but the
documentation was written in all caps so people imitated that.  Now
the docs are lowercase where they can be.

Where online is the CMake documentation? Especially the new documentation with lowercase commands? I found, but that has uppercase commands. Also where is the documentation of the details for CMake's custom language (how to use variables, literals, functions, etc.)?