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Le Wed 30/01/2008 à 17:06 Eric Tetz à écrit:
> I just posted a small patch to the wiki that allows C-style string
> lexing, where string literals separated by whitespace are collected
> as a single string.  I've always appreciated that in C, and miss it
> when using languages that don't lex strings that way (lika Java or
> Lua).

There is another way you can do it ... That can be found in the Lisaac
language (pretty unknown at the moment, but I like it much).

You can define an escape sequence that could be written \%s+\ and that
does nothing. For instance your example could be written:

   if something then
      for k,v in pairs(foo) do
         if v then
            io.write "This is a big chunk of text \
                     \that for whatever reason (typically \
                     \readability) is broken into multiple \
                     \lines in the source code.\n"

And this does not create ambiguity with the call syntax.


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