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I just posted a small patch to the wiki that allows C-style string lexing,
where string literals separated by whitespace are collected as a single
string.  I've always appreciated that in C, and miss it when using languages
that don't lex strings that way (lika Java or Lua).

For instance, if you have a code block like:

   if something then
      for k,v in pairs(foo) do
         if v then
            io.write "This is a big chunk of text "
                     "that for whatever reason (typically "
                     "readability) is broken into multiple "
                     "lines in the source code.\n"

You can format strings this way now using concatenation, but that has
performance costs. Doing it during lexing is essentially free.

It's also a useful alternative to long strings in some situations because:
   1) it allows you to use regular string escape patterns, so you can embed
      control characters, control EOL format, etc.
   2) it doesn't force you to left-justify the text in your source (which
      usually messes up your indentation ^_^)

Anyway, I only wanted to mention it here because it would be nice to see it in
the Lua core.  It's a minimal change to the lexer with no real downside (as far
as I can tell). It just gives you a bit more freedom in how you can
format string

Patch is here (scroll to bottom):